Rock Climbing for Daredevils with The Via Ferrata Telluride Adventure

If you’re the kind of thrill seeker who opts for unforgettable outdoor adventure, Telluride has the ultimate definition for it: via ferrata, which is Italian for “road of iron” and also happens to be a cliff hanger of a rock-climbing route at the eastern end of the Telluride canyon.

This isolated technical route can be accessed through the knowledgeable guides from the accredited San Juan Telluride Outdoor Adventures. Their professional guide service can take you places you’d never be able to see on your own. Imagine monumental views of the Bridal Veil waterfall, the sweeping panorama of the box canyon and the peaks of the San Juan mountains.

Once the narrow footpath along the mountain disappears, climbers are guided along a roughly two-mile traverse with the assistance of fixed steel cables, stemples, ladders, and bridges. Of course, safety is the San Juan Outdoor Adventures’ number one priority. Climbers are secured with helmets, harnesses and elastic lanyards hooked into the cables as they make their way across sheer cliffs some 600 feet above the forest floor.

The sturdy route, built more than a decade ago by Telluride climbing legend Chuck Kroger (with the help of his wife Kathy Green), was done in secret, as the illegally constructed route was on federal land. As a locals’ undercover route for many years, it has since become a popular traverse, having been climbed by more than 6,000 people. Today, many call the via ferrata the “Krogeratta” after him.

The Via Ferrata Telluride Adventure is San Juan Outdoor Adventures’ newest trip and is a door-to-door service. After they pick you up, the trained guides will teach you how to properly use the technical equipment while preparing you for this thrilling adventure. A gourmet lunch is included, and you can even get brag-worthy photos of your climb from their newest partner, Life Feeling Photography.

If you’re planning a Telluride visit, squeeze this adventure in—you’ll never forget it. And this summer, Silverstar Telluride Luxury Properties has even more thrilling outdoor adventure ideas to experience during your vacation. For help planning your activities or reservations for your stay in Colorado, contact SilverStar Telluride Luxury Properties.