Enjoy the Serenity of Fall in Telluride

Fall is becoming increasingly popular as the new off-season for visitors to Telluride. It’s perfect if you like a mix of outdoor recreation and the arts against a spectacular backdrop of changing foliage hues. 

Situated in a box canyon, the town of Telluride is surrounded on three sides by the 14,000-foot peaks of the San Juan Mountains. From almost anywhere in town, this provides near-perfect views of Colorado’s natural beauty and the changing leaves before the area’s famous snow and ski season descends. Especially prominent are the leaves of the trembling aspen, which turn bright yellow in fall. They make for a great photographic subject or background no matter if you hike, bike, or drive. 

While the area isn’t as busy as during the height of ski season, there are still big attractions, especially in the realms of the arts and popular culture. These include the Cars and Colors Festival, the Photo Festival, and the Horror Festival. 

Once festival season comes to a close, nature takes center stage in the San Juan Mountains. The fall colors typically begin in mid-to late-September and last about three weeks. Guided 4×4 tours above the tree line afford amazing views of the entire valley. Majestic elk are almost a given, and sleek lynx, moose, beaver, porcupine, grouse, marmots, mountain lions, and hawks are out and about and easier to see once the trees are bare. 

Whatever  your taste and style, Telluride offers something for everyone. The beautiful natural setting cannot be beat for outdoor activities, and the amazing light and colors provide sanctuary and sustenance for those who love to love the outdoors from the comfort of a luxury rental apartment. 

For a unique mountain experience this fall, contact the lodging professionals at SilverStar Luxury Properties and learn about the diverse vacation rental properties we have in Telluride with magnificent views of the San Juan Mountains and the San Miguel River. Call today to book the perfect fall getaway: (970) 728-3001.