How to Ice Climb in Telluride

Ice climbing always seems to be portrayed as this turbo-charged, extreme outdoor sport in the media.

Actually, it can be very meditative
Swinging an ice axe into a frozen cascade of water while the crampons on your boots spike into the ice slab below – it almost feels like a leisurely hike rather than an exerting climb.

From Bridal Veil Falls to the Ice Hose, Telluride boasts some of the most beautiful clear blue ice routes in some of the coolest locations. You can choose from a half- or full- day and experience, walking up frozen waterfalls while the exhilarating beauty of the San Juan mountains envelop you.

Unlike skiing or more technical sports, ice climbing is very simple and even young children or those with varying levels of physical abilities can enjoy the experience.

It’s very similar to rock climbing and the equipment is pretty much the same. You’ll get fitted with a harness, helmet and mountaineering boots. Underneath all that, as with all winter sports, layering is key. The best way to stay warm and dry is with a base, mid and outer layer.

If you’re a beginner, professional guides with years of ice climbing experience – and who know all the most inspiring ice routes – will be the ones to set up the ropes and gear to make the trip safe and enjoyable for all. Three experienced and professional guide companies are: Mountain Trip, which runs international trips beyond Colorado; Telluride Mountain Guides, which scouts out all the best novice routes in and near Telluride; and San Juan Outdoor Adventures, which has a 100% five-star rating on Trip Advisor.

For expert-level climbers, the San Juan mountains offer world-class climbing routes, including access to some of the most difficult climbs that have been closed to the public for decades and are now re-opened. Be sure to check ice conditions before you go.

Travelers who have experienced ice climbing often cite the best part of the trip is the guides, who are patient, humorous and highly knowledgeable as they lead you through even the most difficult sections.
If the quiet thrill of ice climbing has always been on your bucket list, the time to get to Telluride is now, while the ice is still rock solid. Soon, you’ll be on top of the world.

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