What Your Stay in Telluride Does

Telluride, Colorado was once known as Colorado’s “best-kept secret,” but you can’t really call it that anymore. Telluride was formerly a mining town, but now it boasts a world-class ski resort! This quaint town offers breathtaking, beautiful scenery and the local community thrives on tourism. Your stay in Telluride will leave you with plenty of memories and “ooh” and “ahh” moments, but your boost to the local economy helps to add even more amazing hiking trails and other attractions for years to come.  

Part of the tourist aspect of visiting Telluride is going to the Telluride Historical Museum and sightseeing the old mining sites. This helps keep history alive in Telluride. Many places try to restore their history years after it’s already been gone, but in Telluride, it never left. Telluride is chock-full of history, and many of the original buildings make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.  

When you visit Telluride, you are contributing to improving the infrastructure of the community. Shopping at local stores and eating at local restaurants helps improve the overall community. By giving people in the area jobs, they also buy local and keep the money flowing through Telluride’s local economy. Telluride itself is a relatively small town for such a large tourist location! The population in 2019 was just a little over 1,000. Tourism in the area keeps Telluride alive and thriving. 

Shopping Locally 
When you shop locally in Telluride, not only are you benefiting the local economy, but you are also reducing the carbon footprint! Shopping locally helps reduce shipping, which reduces the carbon footprint and the negative impact on the environment. Because Telluride is so beautiful, we want to keep it that way!  

There is free transportation available in the main town. There’s the Galloping Goose bus system that goes around the whole town in a loop, so there’s no need to drive everywhere unlike some vacation spots.  

There are local grocery stores, restaurants, and boutiques that benefit from tourism as well as keeping business local. Clark’s Market in Telluride and the Village Market in Mountain Village are both full-service groceries. There is a free gondola ride that connects Mountain Village with the main city of Telluride, which makes it easy to visit both! 

The food items you want to buy in Telluride may be pricier, but compared to national chains you are doing the community a service. If you want the refrigerator stocked before you arrive, the local company Telluride Delivers has a service for that! Make sure to contact them at least a week in advance to arrange your grocery delivery.  

There are plenty of local restaurants and bars to fill any appetite. From fine dining to comfort food, Telluride has it all. Make sure to go to VisitTelluride.com to see all the restaurant options available to you. Many of the businesses in Telluride donate to Telluride Mountain Club, which helps upkeep the hiking trails and create new trails to use.  

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