Winter with SilverStar Telluride

There is never a wrong time of year to visit Telluride, Colorado! With four distinct seasons, each  boasting its own popular events and recreational activities, you cannot go wrong when choosing when  to vacation in this beautiful mountain town. However, with the colder months approaching, we wanted  to focus on everything Winter in Telluride: when to book your trip, where to stay, and what to do while  you’re here.  

When to Book? 
Now! Before the holiday madness sets in, make sure Telluride has a place for you come winter vacation.  Snowfall in Colorado typically begins sometime in October and lasts until mid-April, so the sooner you  book your trip, the earlier you can begin experiencing everything that a Telluride Winter has to offer!  From top-notch skiing to riding the gondola over snow-covered mountains to relaxing in a nearby hot  spring, you won’t want to miss out on a Telluride Winter vacation.  

Popular accommodations tend to get booked up early, so if you want to take a Winter trip to Telluride or  adjacent Mountain Village, place your reservation now. Timing is especially important if you want to stay  during the holiday period (Dec. 19th – Jan. 3rd and March 6th – March 21st). Telluride is a magical place  to be for the holidays, so book your vacation rental now to avoid the stress of scrambling to find  accommodations!  

What to Do?  
Winter in the snowy state of Colorado allows for some unique actives for you and your family to partake  in, and Telluride offers even more out of the ordinary activities to make your trip even more special! We’ve crafted a list of some of the most exciting and enchanting activities you can find in Telluride  below.  

Skiing: One of the most popular wintertime activities in CO, visitors of all skill levels choose to ski on  their Telluride vacation. Did you know that there are roughly eight miles of winter trails to explore  around Telluride? Visit The Town of Mountain Village and strap on your Nordic skis for some exploration  in the snow. The village also offers the option to explore with Nordic snowshoes if skis aren’t to your  fancy. 

Sleigh & Wagon Rides: Vacation is all about relaxation and exploring places you’ve never been. With  Telluride Sleighs and Wagons you’ll be taken on a winter experience unique to Colorado. On the ride,  you’ll be surrounded by Telluride’s breathtaking landscape and after the days long trip, you’ll get to  enjoy a delicious, hot meal. Whether it’s a family day trip, a date, or just an outing with friends, you  won’t be disappointed.

Hot Springs: Have you had enough exploring for the day and want to find some time to relax? There are  a variety of hot springs in the surrounding Telluride area. Below you will find three local hot springs that  offer a different experience depending on which personalized touch you feel drawn to.  

• Ouray Hot Springs 

• Orvis Hot Springs 

• Dunton Hot Springs 

Gondola Trips: Riding the free Telluride/Mountain Village gondola allows you to take a step back and  really take in the beauty that this area contains. The mountainous landscape glittering with snow is  something that you can see every time you use the gondola to get around here in Winter. There are four  stations located throughout Telluride and the mountains, so you can easily access most of the winter  activities you have planned in your itinerary. The gondola not only allows you to access the ski slopes,  but it also provides passage between the Town of Telluride and Mountain Village resting above it. This is  an ideal (and free!) method of transportation for visitors who are staying in Mountain Village but wish to  spend time in Telluride or vice versa.  

Where to Stay? 
There are many excellent places to stay in the Town of Telluride and Mountain Village. SilverStar  Properties is a premier provider of luxury vacation rentals in the area, including condos, townhomes and  mountain lodges with five-star accommodations, high-end amenities and impeccable customer service.  

We would like to highlight one property in particular for those looking to book a Winter stay: Plaza 303,  a four-bedroom condo located in Mountain Village. This 3000+ square foot, luxurious condo can  accommodate up to 12 guests and is suited for a range of visitors, including families and groups of  couples. Beautiful mountain furnishings, a gourmet kitchen, see-through glass fireplace, and proximity  to the ski lift, gondola, local entertainment, and more make Plaza 303 the ideal Winter vacation spot for  your group.  

With a large number of rooms and open concept floor plan, this condo is a “no-brainer” as your place to  stay. It’s located almost in the center of all the different activity hubs and places to relax on the  mountain. To learn more this accommodation and others visit us at or call (970) 728-3001 for immediate assistance.