Beach Vacation vs Telluride Vacation


When planning a summer vacation, there are many factors to consider. You may be looking for a beautiful natural setting to relax and spend quiet time with family, or you may prefer to fill your time with outdoor adventures and vibrant city culture. A beach vacation is a common choice for many because there are often rental accommodations and activities to suit large groups or big families.  

However, beaches can often be crowded places with long wait times for dining, entertainment, and more. This summer, a trip to Telluride, Colorado might be just what you and your vacation crew are looking for. Here, we outline four reasons why visiting Telluride beats any trip to the coast.  

Coastal vacationers are constantly looking for beachfront properties, which can be hard to find during peak season. This leaves many to rent condos or homes without a stunning vista of the water or downtown lights. In Telluride, it is hard not to have a perfect view of the Colorado Rockies. Many vacation homes have large windows that capture both the snowy tops and charming city sights. Because the city is surrounded by mountains, you will find incredible views from the city center to the foothills.  

Summer Weather 
Most coastal beaches that have water warm enough to swim in also have high outdoor temperatures in the summer. During the peak summer season, popular beaches in Texas, California, and Florida can reach average daily temperatures of 80 to 90 degrees or more. Telluride’s summer season (June through August) typically does not get hotter than about 77 degrees, meaning that most days are warm enough for outdoor activities, but not unbearable. This makes Telluride an excellent summer spot to hike or simply enjoy some al fresco dining.  

Outdoor Activities 
Because Telluride is within a temperate climate zone, unlike many North American beaches, it is easy to enjoy a vast selection of outdoor activities in the summer. Popular options for vacationers include white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, fly fishing, zipline canopy adventures, golfing, horseback riding, rock climbing, and walking tours of downtown Telluride. Shopping and nightlife are also a vibrant part of Telluride and can be enjoyed as you explore the walkable town.  

Natural Variety  
Beaches are beautiful, but sand and often volatile weather don’t provide much natural variety. In the Colorado Rockies, there are hundreds of ecologically diverse sights to take in. You can experience beautiful foliage and wildflowers, unique birdwatching, a variety of hikes, and even natural hot springs in nearby Ouray. There are also opportunities for water activities, both along the San Miguel River and in the number of nearby lakes. Each daily outdoor activity can be incredibly different when you take a vacation to Telluride. 

Telluride, Colorado is a stunning place to visit year-round, and there’s always plenty to do if you visit outside of ski season. To book your next summer vacation and make memories in the Rocky Mountains, visit today.